About Us


About Us

The Kitchen quickly built a reputation for fast service, quality products and a friendly environment. Leveraging our team’s years of experience, we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving our brand in corporate and simplifying the operations with our clients.

Our Mission

Continuous Innovation and obsession with quality products remain the key to our heritage. Exceeding customer’s expectation is achieved through passionate staffs and a dedication in reaching new standards. The warm atmosphere, attentive service, rich culture, luxury in providing conventional fast food, exotic pastry's continental oven fresh savories, Hot and cold beverages, Fresh fruit juice, Parathas, Chats, Ice creams, Chinese, and a Health bar which could be matched with the best in the food industry.

Terms & Conditions

THE KITCHEN can get into a Service level Agreement if required.


THE KITCHEN also obtained the Tadae, Shops and Establishment, FSSAI Licence from the Health Department. THE KITCHEN have obtained the ESIC and PF Registration THE KITCHEN have obtained the GST Registration

Mode of payment

Company can pay by cheque or RTGS towards the service availed during juice and snacks, Evening Snack, or mid- night snacks, lunch if required mrp, tea coffee. THE KITCHEN will bill at the end of every month.

Menu Planning

THE KITCHEN will plan the menus as per the structure given by company in Co-ordination with the cafeteria committee. The menu will be designed bearing in mind the different tastes & preferences of your employees.

Onsite Kitchens

THE KITCHEN has the required expertise to manage in-house kitchens to provide a hot and crispy snacks to satisfy the hungry folks.

Operational Plan

Propose to set up counter to create variety with an acceptable pricing in the cafeteria to prepare and serve Fresh Juice, Fruit Bowls, Sandwich-Veg & Non-Veg, savories, pastries, mug noodles, Maggi & Cornfelx, Parathas, Pav Bhajji, Vada Pave, Chat Counter, Ice Cream Mrp items & hot beverages.

Experience the real taste of our food